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# We love talking to Susie both individually and as a couple. She is a great listener and we love her straight forward, relevant advice that helped us see the wood from the trees. We would have no hesitation in recommending Susie for couple counselling.

-Annie & Fergus 


# Susie’s personal and supportive approach has always been a wonderful comfort when times have been challenging for us as a couple.  She has always listened to our concerns and has an incredible ability to know just what we need and put us on the right track again. We always leave Susie feeling hopeful that we can move forward and our relationship will be better as result ~

- Kristie & Gerrad 


# We saw Susie for couples counselling intermittently for two years. We found her approach to be open and sincere; the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed. The sessions were constructive, often with exercises to try out in our daily lives. We particularly liked that it helped us identify each other’s love languages. We would definitely recommend Susie as a worthy and experienced therapist’. 

- Mala & Andrew





# I have been seeing Susie for over 3 years now and I can genuinely and wholeheartedly say that she has changed my life. With her honest and matter-of-fact approach, she has the ability to challenge you and the way you think about things; whilst remaining compassionate and understanding at the same time.  Since meeting Susie, I have learned so much about myself as an individual; growing and developing to become more aware of myself, and my relationships.  She will never tell you what to do, but instead, provide you with the tools to guide you on the right path.  A good listener, she makes you feel comfortable and safe.  She is very special woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Chloe 

# Over the past 3 years Susie has proven to be an incredible support, coach and counsellor helping me think through and reconcile with a painful past. What I appreciate the most is an approach that is deeply rooted in empathy and care, which helps me be comfortable around my many vulnerabilities and see through the patterns that manifest in my professional and personal life. But it is also an approach that is pragmatic and tactical - i.e. the diagnosis and acknowledgment of the issue comes also with concrete advice on how to tackle a difficult conversation, how to break with unhealthy relationships and how to take steps everyday about becoming better. I am deeply grateful for her presence, support and care!

- Samira

# I started going to Susie in Dubai about 4 years ago during very a difficult period of my marriage and she guided me to a place I could accept the marriage wasn’t going to work. I’ve gone through a very painful time. Susie has always been there for me. Even when she wasn’t in Dubai I could still skype her and her being available to me during the dark times has been pivotal to my healing. Susie showed me that I am strong and independent woman and not a victim of my own life. She has always been 100% honest and real and tells it to me like it is which I really appreciate. Thank you Susie from the bottom of my heart

– Maryam




# Susie’s course on self worth has taught me skills which are helping me day by day to me more authentically myself.  Learning about the differences between confidence and self-esteem has helped me in being more compassionate towards myself in challenging situations.  Susie’s course has also taught me about how to identify negative thought patterns as they arise, allowing me to have a bit more control over my mind and feel more positive each day. This course is a fantastic opportunity to understand yourself better and learn strategies which one can apply daily to build a healthy sense of self worth.  I am so grateful to Susie for these incredible life skills!

- Dean  


# I attended Susie’s Self worth workshop and have learnt life long lessons from this course. I have learnt how to understand my own value and how to not be a doormat of life. I have learnt to be assertive without coming across as rude. I have learnt that self esteem and self worth are different. The workshop allowed me to look deep into my self and the person that I am and not the labels society or culture have put on me. I gained a true understanding and appreciation for the strong person I am through this valuable workshop.

- Leila


# We attended a communication workshop for couple’s facilitated by Susie. This workshop provided us with valuable information about how  everyday conversations can turn into arguments. We  learned skills we didn’t have before such as how to communicate with each other using more caring and respectful language. We also learned the importance of acknowledging and affirming each other. This was a very useful workshop to us and we both highly recommend it.

          - Lorna & Des

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