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As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I work with individual clients who are interested in exploring personal life issues and challenges or who may be in a relationship crisis. Counselling and Psychotherapy both provide  solid levels of support to anyone wanting to explore difficult problems or issues. The process of psychotherapy usually requires a longer term commitment while counselling offers a short term approach to the same issues. 

If you’re constantly feeling challenged by your problems and you struggle to find solutions, psychotherapy or counselling will help you. The purpose of counselling and psychotherapy is to support you to be more comfortable and at peace with who you are and help you manage life’s difficulties. If you want your life to have more meaning yet you struggle to experience yours in a meaningful way, psychotherapy and counselling can help. 


Issues to discuss in individual therapy


Life’s challenges come to us in many forms. Counselling and psychotherapy can help you with,


•   Relationship problems past and present

•   Addiction

•   Trauma

•   Grief and loss

•   Physical and mental health

•   Sexuality

•   Self worth and self esteem

•   Work stress

•   Existential angst


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