The issues which bring people to couple counselling are wide-ranging and may include,


•   Family or parenting issues

•   Communication deficits

•   Separation and divorce

•   Intimacy issues

•   Infidelity

•   Addiction

•   Trauma

•   Grief and loss,

•   Mental and physical health concerns 

I specialise in working with couples online who are going through a relationship crisis or who want to improve the quality of their relationship and relationship skills. Couples counselling helps people to understand relationship dynamics especially those that keep relationships stuck in repetitive and unhealthy patterns.  Many couples who come to counselling lack the confidence in themselves to communicate effectively with their partner. They may also lack confidence in their ability to fix their problems or to feel hopeful about their relationships.

When couples are going through a relationship crisis,  they often withdraw by shutting down emotionally or they become reactive and deliberately engage in conflict. Couples counselling teaches communication skills and problem solving techniques which can help people weather the storms of a relationship crisis.

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